Many buyers and sellers are cautious when working with a real estate agent to acquire or sell a property. Maybe you are thinking of selling or buying your house. Many people venture into the arduous task of trying to buy or sell a house on their own. They think it is simple and they start in the process of buying and selling a property. However, when they start looking for homes to live in or people interested in buying their homes, many people put their hands to their heads.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a purchase-sale transaction involves many details and requires the participation of several specialists in various subjects, especially if the buyer is a foreigner or if the purchase is made through mortgage financing. Here are some reasons to go to a real estate agent:

1- The Real Estate Agent is a licensed professional. This means, for your peace of mind, that the performance of your work must be done within the legal framework of the department that governs the professions. Otherwise it puts your license at risk.

2- It is a facilitator capable of dealing with all the parts of the process, as well as with the required documentation and ensuring that the contract times are met. In addition, you are not interested in what you buy in a private house or in a specific project, but in the one that best suits your needs and makes you happier, or represents a good investment opportunity.

3- It is a negotiator who knows the medium and works for the benefit of his client trying to obtain and negotiate the greatest qualitative and quantitative advantages within the transaction. Your interest is to achieve customer satisfaction through a successful transaction that meets your expectations.

4- It is a promoter. When selling your home, in addition to announcing it on the centralized portal, you develop a whole marketing management in other media and through other fellow agents, ensure that your client gets the best fair price for your home, interview the possible Buyers and will filter and coordinate visits only with those interested who are pre-qualified for the purchase. Avoiding the visits of curious people or people who do not have the ability to buy saving time and wear.

5- He is a diligent representative. When it comes to helping you buy your home, it will search for properties that meet the characteristics you need, at the price you are able to pay, make appointments, and keep you informed of the new properties that are coming out at Market with similar characteristics. And best of all, the commission is paid by the seller, since he is the most interested in selling the property.

Not using a professional real estate agent can cost you later. Whether you are buying or selling, you are in the middle of a complicated transaction with possible difficulties that could affect the final result. A professional agent has the ability to guide you through the real estate process.


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